I began as a personal trainer 10 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. After more than 15 years in corporate retail, I wanted more passion in my work. That’s when I discovered how energizing it was to help others achieve their fitness goals and push their bodies (and minds) in ways they never knew they were capable of. What many of my clients find is that they actually enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Seeing my clients grow in this way is rewarding to me in so many ways.

I focus on the client’s needs first and foremost. Examples of the full range of areas I can help clients achieve goals include:

  • For a client who had never biked excessively, I helped him prepare for the AIDS Life Ride, which is a 526 mile bike ride over 7 days. He not only completed this goal, but also surprised himself throughout the process and has since set other goals in running, hiking and additional activities he wasn’t interested in before.
  • For two expectant mothers, I trained them up through the third trimester in addition to post-pregnancy. One of these clients in particular had a high risk pregnancy and I worked with her doctor to create a workout plan that was conducive to her particular needs.
  • For senior citizens with arthritis, I developed predominantly functional training plans. These workouts reduced their joint pain overall.

On a personal side, I have successfully completed 9 half-marathons in the past three years. I pride myself in practicing what I preach by working out frequently, eating a healthy, balanced diet and having fun in the process!

I believe that it’s not simply calories in and calories out, but about finding activities that you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like “work.”

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