Matt Taylor Siegel – San Jose, CA

I had the pleasure to work with him for two years while he was a trainer at BMI Fitness before he moved to Southern California. Jerry listened as I described what I hoped to accomplish through training and then designed my workout program accordingly. He didn’t have me doing a cookie cutter workout that he implemented across the board with all his clients, nor did he have me working out in ways that were not beneficial to my body or my goals.

Jerry helped me to build endurance and reduce recovery time, as well as to increase my overall strength and weightlifting ability. He did a great job of pushing me further than I thought was possible. Jerry also paid particular attention to proper form and knew my usual “weak spots” when working out. He ensured continuity of my training program by passing along that information to his colleagues during the few times he was out of town and had be working out with other trainers.

I feel that Jerry is very knowledgeable and skilled at both the science and art of fitness. I highly recommend him to others.

Jennifer Bauer – Huntington Beach, CA

I have a herniated disc in my low back that has made it difficult for me to do many standard exercises or participate in boot camp style programs. Jerry was able to modify various activities to avoid injury while building my strength and core around my back to keep other aspects of my day-to-day life from throwing my back out. I train with my husband and Jerry manages to keep us both actively doing different exercises that are personalized to each of our body-types, weight and strength goals, as well as provides us with food wellness tips for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Mark McMinn – Monterey, CA

Jerry trained me from 2010 to 2016. When I first started looking for a trainer, I was concerned with having some twenty-something, hard-bodied kid try to push me beyond what my 50-year-old body can take. Aside from feeling intimidated by that, I really just wanted someone who I could be comfortable around and open about my body and health concerns. I was so relieved when I found Jerry because he is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. No intimidation factor whatsoever and completely relates to my generation. Plus, he uses just the right amount of motivational encouragement. If it weren’t for moving out of the area for my job, I’d still be training with him today.

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